OER Poster

Context for building the OER Poster at the BCOER Hackfest:
This is the page for OER Poster for advocating OER to BC faculty and for awareness building. This poster addresses: What is Open/OER?; What type of resources are OER? Why should faculty care? What are benefits for students? Some stats needed relevant to BC context. The idea is to use this poster for display at workshop/conference and also in smaller format for handouts or digital/linkable web page. It is meant to be a tool to evoke conversation with faculty in particular.Here is the final poster with BCcampus colours dated Oct. 1st 2014. Feel free to remix and revise the colour combos as perhaps that’s best to be left for your graphic people to adjust as you would like it. I will print some 11X17 posters for our event Oct 27th. There is artwork for a larger sized poster as well – LLWe are updating the Poster so Stay-tuned – Oct 17/14 Continue reading “OER Poster”

BCOER Web Presence

The BCOER public web site is
http://open.bccampus.ca/bcoer-librarians/Purpose – to be the formal public facing site for BCOER; acknowledge support by BCcampus and members and to share our materials/resources and info on events, PDWho maintains the content on open? BCcampus staff with the help of a BCOER professional library studentCurrent plan for the BCOER web pages on open.bccampus.ca (these are subject to change):Top Navigation “BCOER Librarians Continue reading “BCOER Web Presence”



DRAFT*** Borrowing some wording from SPARC-ARLThe BCOER Librarians is a private discussion list is primarily intended for BCOER 0perations and assisting in the communication on our monthly meetings and member discussions related to BCOER projects. The list may also be used by members for

  • sharing ideas, resources and best practices pertaining to OER.
  • and as a source of important updates about policy, research, projects and other news from the broader OER movement particularly events in BC postsecondary. Continue reading “BCOER List”

Project Ideas – January 2014

OER Guides

Note: these are just some guiding questions. Please add to this list and or create new threads.

What is the current state of finding quality OER ?

  • Discoverability not easy
  • Find material through google searching appears easy but the content is not vetted for content type, quality, or use (e.g. Can the content be used in a MOOC or just for personal research, is the source a database or does it contain articles, is it update regularly, etc.)

What resources currently exist?