OER Reuse and Licensing Information


  • Research tutorials, guides, and other information sources on rights and licensing considerations around re-use of OER and list them below
    • Objective is to pool together information that we’ve found useful, with the intention of leveraging it to address similar OER issues/concerns in the resources we develop
    • Focus here is on resources that help to clarify common misunderstandings around OER in general (e.g., OA vs. OER) and reusing OER in specific contexts Continue reading “OER Reuse and Licensing Information”

Project Ideas – January 2014

OER Guides

Note: these are just some guiding questions. Please add to this list and or create new threads.

What is the current state of finding quality OER ?

  • Discoverability not easy
  • Find material through google searching appears easy but the content is not vetted for content type, quality, or use (e.g. Can the content be used in a MOOC or just for personal research, is the source a database or does it contain articles, is it update regularly, etc.)

What resources currently exist?