Meeting Notes – 8 July 2014

*MEGA Meeting before Summer: July 8th – 9AM – 10:20 AM (Scribe: Leva; Participants: Deb, Erin, Caroline, Inba, Janis, Devin, Lynda, Sybil, Leva/ Regrets: Will, Lin, Tania)

1. Followup on Hackfest** projects – Erin, Leva

  • Update on Guides done at Hackfest: need to be looked at and shared out in some way in a wikispace and bccampus open site; ACTION: See #3 for followup;Proposed idea: work study library/student to do the ongoing updates or groundwork for guides? UBC, or other organization can sponsor someone for 3 months; Erin will send description on work/study to us for consideration
  • Feedback on first draft of OER Awareness poster: 1. need acknowledgement of source as BCOER 2. need to provide references on the poster – will find space in footer per best practices ACTION: Leva to work with graphic person

2. Update on BCOER session at ETUG Notes from that session – Janis, Erin, Leva ACTION; No action at this time; look at challenges in notes an see how they can be addressed by our work in the days ahead
3. Update on OER guides (post-Hackfest) – Caroline, Deb, Lin: Work being done on overview guides on OER as well by Lin, Deb & Caroline; Need to figure out where and how to structure pages to share along with the Hackfest guides ACTION: Caroline, Deb, Erin to meet to figure this out and what the collaborative space might look like in wiki
4. Update on BCOER Listserv – Purpose/Guidelines – Leva; ACTION: Listserv will be implemented asap and will be hosed by BCcampus and moderated by Leva (for now). Will be a private listserv for the use of our projects and organize meetings and share info; we can forward on notes of interest to colleagues and reassess in 6 months if we need to make it more open
5. BCOER Web presence – hosted as pages off This is a WordPress site ACTION: will be a good interim solution to have a section under “Resources” called “Librarians” then our BCOER info/products See this Page ; Leva discussing with web team
6. OER Awareness Event for Librarians. See for PD page Librarians and add your thoughts – Deb, Leva, Janis: Date – will try for Oct 27 at 1 – 4 pm; ACTIONAll post info in the wiki page for program/speakers/activities: Deb will look at confirming the site for this date and have a backup space at DC; Leva will check with availability of possible speakers asap. Janis will look at how we can use radio elements to bring PD to those at a distance and/or audio capture for podcasts (Leva will help)
7. OER Copyright Workshop or tools- ideas – Inba ACTION: wiki page created for ideas on copyright /CC info and what’s needed to educate ourselves and colleagues; Identified that a FAQ helpful (UBC has one) and maybe a flowchart and some web pages. ACTIONInba and Sybil will work together on this project
8. Sol*R Curation project; Need advice on how to make improvements – Leva ACTION: Leva will create page for feedback from group; ACTION:Tabled for discussion in September
9.News – All

  • Accessibility Toolkit ( under development ): BCcampus & CAPER working on a toolkit to help people to create more accessible resources for persons with disabilities; tool kit to be tested with students in Fall /Winter
  • New SPARC Libraries & OER Forum
  • SLAIS Open Course with Stanford

10. Other things on your wish list? need help with?
Next “real” meeting will be in mid-September. ACTION: Leva will send a Doodle