Meeting Notes – 8 July 2014

*MEGA Meeting before Summer: July 8th – 9AM – 10:20 AM (Scribe: Leva; Participants: Deb, Erin, Caroline, Inba, Janis, Devin, Lynda, Sybil, Leva/ Regrets: Will, Lin, Tania)

1. Followup on Hackfest** projects – Erin, Leva

  • Update on Guides done at Hackfest: need to be looked at and shared out in some way in a wikispace and bccampus open site; ACTION: See #3 for followup;Proposed idea: work study library/student to do the ongoing updates or groundwork for guides? UBC, or other organization can sponsor someone for 3 months; Erin will send description on work/study to us for consideration
  • Feedback on first draft of OER Awareness poster: 1. need acknowledgement of source as BCOER 2. need to provide references on the poster – will find space in footer per best practices ACTION: Leva to work with graphic person

2. Update on BCOER session at ETUG Notes from that session – Janis, Erin, Leva ACTION; No action at this time; look at challenges in notes an see how they can be addressed by our work in the days ahead
3. Update on OER guides (post-Hackfest) – Caroline, Deb, Lin: Work being done on overview guides on OER as well by Lin, Deb & Caroline; Need to figure out where and how to structure pages to share along with the Hackfest guides ACTION: Caroline, Deb, Erin to meet to figure this out and what the collaborative space might look like in wiki
4. Update on BCOER Listserv – Purpose/Guidelines – Leva; ACTION: Listserv will be implemented asap and will be hosed by BCcampus and moderated by Leva (for now). Will be a private listserv for the use of our projects and organize meetings and share info; we can forward on notes of interest to colleagues and reassess in 6 months if we need to make it more open
5. BCOER Web presence – hosted as pages off This is a WordPress site ACTION: will be a good interim solution to have a section under “Resources” called “Librarians” then our BCOER info/products See this Page ; Leva discussing with web team
6. OER Awareness Event for Librarians. See for PD page Librarians and add your thoughts – Deb, Leva, Janis: Date – will try for Oct 27 at 1 – 4 pm; ACTIONAll post info in the wiki page for program/speakers/activities: Deb will look at confirming the site for this date and have a backup space at DC; Leva will check with availability of possible speakers asap. Janis will look at how we can use radio elements to bring PD to those at a distance and/or audio capture for podcasts (Leva will help)
7. OER Copyright Workshop or tools- ideas – Inba ACTION: wiki page created for ideas on copyright /CC info and what’s needed to educate ourselves and colleagues; Identified that a FAQ helpful (UBC has one) and maybe a flowchart and some web pages. ACTIONInba and Sybil will work together on this project
8. Sol*R Curation project; Need advice on how to make improvements – Leva ACTION: Leva will create page for feedback from group; ACTION:Tabled for discussion in September
9.News – All

  • Accessibility Toolkit ( under development ): BCcampus & CAPER working on a toolkit to help people to create more accessible resources for persons with disabilities; tool kit to be tested with students in Fall /Winter
  • New SPARC Libraries & OER Forum
  • SLAIS Open Course with Stanford

10. Other things on your wish list? need help with?
Next “real” meeting will be in mid-September. ACTION: Leva will send a Doodle


Please share any resources you find helpful or that we should be aware of…Add your own categories if you have new ones and help organize this better!

BC OER Guides

OER Portals & Repositories (that you like)



  • CCCOER has a list that is very active and informative. Una Daly is the facilitator and manager of this list.
  • Toward Open Education – informal BC open education community involved in a creating a set of resources and conversations in a format that encourages an open approach and collaboration

Institutional resources and information — our (and other) libraries’ guides of interest




BC Open Textbook project (BCampus)

  • BC Open Textbook Project Backgrounder/Narrative – See PDF as uploaded under “Files on this wiki.
  • Top 40 Open textbooks with BC Faculty reviews:
  • Call for Reviewers for Open Textbooks is ongoing and Call for Adaptations for Open Textbooks is still open. Go to
  • Adopting Open Textbooks Workshop – online workshop SEE archives
    • This course was held last Fall and was based on the content used in our f2f workshops delivered at UNBC, TRU, Kwantlen and Camosun in the 2013. Would it be useful for this course to be tweaked as a set of resources for librarians and faculty? Or just promoted as is so people are aware of it? I would like feedback on the course resources and think we could improve on it some more! It is available for all to use. – Leva
  • Adapting Open Textbooks – online workshop

Meeting Notes – 12 March 2014

Wednesday March 12 at 1 PM
(Scribe: Leva; Participants: Deb, Erin, Leva, Inba, Janis, Patti, Martin, Caroline/ Regrets: Will, Devin)

  • Welcoming 2 new people: Martin, UFV and Will, UBC; Erin has a SLAIS student that would like to join this group
  • Roundtable: KPU Open Ed session March 10th well-attended & this group mentioned as one of the ways librarians are participating in BC; BCcampus hosting a booksprint for a Geography textbook; BC Open Textbook Summit April 16/17 ACTION: Leva to verify registration and notify of details of agenda; Janis to send SFU one pager on OER; Caroline to send link to BCCAT with MARC record for BC Open Textbooks available;
  • Idea! How about sprint session to create our OER guide/assessment tools? ACTION: Leva to send Doodle with possible dates/options for a Sprint
  • Review Frame of Reference – invitation to comment or add info to wiki page – This is work-in-progress.
  • Review – OER Assessment Checklist & OER pages on wiki: Do we just want a simple checklist or do we want something more extensive like a rubric? We need to consider if we choose to do one, which or both? ACTION: All to review the research on the wiki page and provide feedback
  • Meeting method? Is teleconference working or should we try another way…e.g. skype, Big Blue Button or ? ACTION: Leva will poll group with next Doodle
  • We may not need to do a virtual meeting in March if most of us going to OT Summit (Leva)

Meeting Notes – 11 February 2014

Monday February 11th at 11 AM
(Scribe: Leva; Participants: Deb, Devin, Erin, Leva/ Regrets: Janis)

  • Frame of Reference Reviewed; Acknowledged that scope was a key item in our definition of OER and also focus audience on librarians and materials to help them which can be modified and used for faculty (Item #2)
  • Moving forward with “Outputs” #1 “Assessment Checklist” What makes a good OER? Scholarship/peer review process? Quality…and 4 Rs? – Erin lead on creating framework for this; Deb sending some research
  • Moving forward with #3- 5 subpages for content guides – Devin/ Erin scope out head
  • Suggested that we are getting many events and resources that could be shard out broadly to librarians – Need to think in mid to long term what may be used – Deb doing some research on Libguides; Leva on other & how supported
  • ACTION: Remind our group to look at Frame of Reference and also to post to wiki; Remind them of BC Open Textbook Summit in April
    • who’s going? Leva to check agenda to see what kind work can be accomplished at the meeting
    • Queue up the next meeting for March

Meeting Notes – 10 January 2014

Friday January 10th at 10 AM
(Scribe: Leva – 8 participants)

  • ideas and strategies for OER broad spectrum from targetted one pagers to Lib guides to issues on copyright and awareness/ed
  • need to address how we define OER before identify needs, how to address
  • important to keep discussions going and sharing
  • figure out what the gaps are together and fill those interstitutial spaces
  • Many questions being raised on textbooks (e.g. students coming to library as they can’t afford textbooks)
  • Students will need to know how to cite OER
  • how do libraries fit/or not into the question of copyright
  • “be an expert without being an expert”? – Access the expertise of this group!
  • If we need another method of communication let L.L know; options: listserv, online forums (WordPress), twitter group (could link to #BCOOEC?)
  • UBC ahead of the game – if we could somewhat of a unified voice on open and address sustainability; or a centralized space; leadership in this area?
  • Moocs or ideas of moocs are pushing change
  • ACTION: Working group of Janis, Leva & Erin to draft a frame of reference for this group that captures and benefits from the diverse expertise and interest of this group. See Frame of Reference Wiki page