OER Professional Development for Librarians

Open Education Resources: Librarians, Leadership and Opportunity


Venue:Ā Douglas College New West campus has offered a nice space for our use.
Targetting 60 people/ No charge
Date:Ā Monday Oct 27th, 2014, 12 Noon – 4 pm

A lunch (sponsored by BCcampus) will be served fromĀ Noon to 12:30 pm. The program will begin at 12:30 pm.


  • Provide an awareness of OE movement, OER and significance to post secondary in BC
  • Inform them on what is happening with OER in BC postsecondary/libraries
  • Inspire ideas on librarians and their leadership role with OER
  • Participants will:
    • gain ideas on how to get involved with OER locally
    • find people to connect with on OER – form a BC-based community of practice or network of librarians involved with OER
    • have opportunity to put forward more ideas for future OER professional development for librarians

12:30 -12:35 pmĀ Welcome & Introduction to the dayĀ (5 min) Debra & Leva welcome

12:35 – 1:15 pm –Ā Open Education movement –Ā Mary Burgess, Director Open Education, BCcampus (40 min) [Leva Introduce]

  • What’s happening in BC post secondary and relevance
  • Update on BCcampus OT project
  • BCcampus support of BCOER work
  • international movement / synergies with other groups
    • SPARC etc.
  • Q&A

1:20 – 2:00 pm –Ā OER and BC Postsecondary librarians-Ā Todd Mundle, Library Director, KPU (40 min) [Caroline introduce]

  • What’s happening with OER at post secondary libraries
  • What role can post secondary librarians play
  • What’s needed to support adoption of OER and librarians
  • Q&A

2:05 – 2:20 pmĀ Coffee Break

2:20 – 3:00 pmĀ Librarians & OER Leadership –Ā Quill West, OER Project Lead, Tacoma Community College (40 min) [ Sybil introduce]

  • What’s been happening in Washington state & how are librarians getting involved
  • what models for support are emerging
  • what projects are coming up – areas for collaboration
  • Q&A

3:00 – 3:10 pmĀ Break

3:10 – 3:40 pmĀ Librarians & OER InnovationĀ [Erin Introduce]

    • Faculty & Librarian team up for the BCcampus Textbook Sprint (20 min)
      • their experience
    • BCOER – Janis (lead) , Erin, Debra, Caroline & all (10 min)
      • work of this group

3:40 – 3:50 pm Q&A (10 min)

  • what’s needed to help support librarians
  • Identify areas of interest or priority- (vis a vis needs)

3:55 pm Next Steps & Announcements – 5 min

4:00 pm Thank you & farewell

Suggested Speakers (handouts or ideas)

Quill West – Librarian perspective & inspiration (Quill would love to help out. Shared this handout with us

talking with Mary Burgess to see if she can assist- Open Education

Nicole Allen – SPARC affiliateĀ Nicole AllenĀ (Not available for this date)


Context for the work on OER PD for Librarians

The Hackfest group gather to research professional development opportunities related to OER for librarians and list them under the headings below. At this early stage, our goal is to pool together useful events and resources that we’ve discovered, with the hope of eventually developing a PD resource for librarians.

Reference documents & Resources:

  • Refer to the notes from the ETUG BCOER session and brainstorm on challenges. Let’s address these:
  • ETUG Session
  • Quill’s Notes from the Roundtable at OT Summit: Skills for OER librarian & advocateĀ Skills list
  • Mary’s presentation & Case Studies to CPSLD

Courses and ResourcesĀ 

In-Person Events:

Videos & Webcasts:

Text-based Resources:



1. 1/2 day face to face

Followup session via webinar

Followup learning with online resources or activities

2. flipped classroom – start with online resources & materials then meet f2f to discuss or meet in a webinar

3. Blended?

4. Radio show/podcast

5. Canvas or Moodle course

6 Mobile course in units


suggestions for PD from Hackfest

  • Quick Guide like SPARC Guide
  • A overview OER webinar that is archived and shared (available as a podcast/mobile device)
  • Open chat using Big Blue Button – 1 X per month to further explore topics from Overview]